The Perfect Blueberry Lemon Drop Cookie

“Always do the right thing” is a rule for life that my Maw-Maw repeated to me over and over while growing up. “Use your manners” came from Mom. Somewhere along the road I picked up a few more rules, not the least of which is “When someone offers you cookies, say ‘Yes please.’” This particular… Read more »

Five Questions : Mike Wolfe

Growing up, my parents were always wheeling and dealing on something. Mom might be at a yard sale or a flea market looking for old rugs and antique furniture. Dad was probably trading an old lawn mower plus a little cash for a gently used Buick Skylark. Kimberly’s parents are cut from the same cloth,… Read more »

Gosey Hill

There’s a good chance I’ll mention this place a lot in future ramblings, so I wanted to take a moment and formally introduce you to the place we call home. We call her Gosey Hill. Kimberly and I both grew up in the country, and about three years ago we started feeling a pull to… Read more »

We Are Open For Business!

And I am so nervous. It was nearly three years ago when I told some close friends about an idea I had to promote Southern-made goods. Over time the idea evolved into a pretty simple concept: Help people who love the South discover and support the wonderful people making great things here. And ever since… Read more »