Five Questions and Answers from Launch Day

Dang. Today was crazy.

It was emotional and overwhelming and a whole lot of fun too.

I answered a lot of questions today, so I thought it might be useful to post some of the most popular questions (and my answers) here.

Q: What kinds of items will be in your shipments?

A: Great kinds. No, seriously, we are only putting items inside these shipments that we’ve tried ourselves and loved. If we wouldn’t personally use it and tell all our dang friends about it, then it ain’t going inside Made South shipments, plain and simple. Here’s why we’re not interested in telling you up front what’s going to be inside that package: Because we believe that surprises are fun. Just imagine seeing your first shipment sitting there on the porch and wondering what’s inside. Won’t that be a whole lot of fun? I mean, who doesn’t like getting surprises in the mail? And then, to top it all off, you’ll get to read about the people who MADE this cool stuff. Real people y’all, not just machines somewhere overseas. Won’t that feel good? I promise you it will. Once our first shipment goes out mid-March, we will have all the details for that shipment up on the site for everyone and their brother to read about. Each shipment after that will also be archived on the site, so everyone can see the types of products and people that we’re working with.

Q: Yeah, but seriously, is it just going to be a bunch of food?

A: Heck no. Food is an important part of the South, and there are a whole bunch of talented people making really tasty stuff here. But for now we’re limiting each shipment to only one food item.

Q: Are all the items trial or sample sized?

A: Absolutely not. In fact, none of the items that we’re including in our shipments are trial or sample sized. Every single item that will be shipped to you is a full-sized item that is currently being offered by a Southern maker. In some shipments we might feature an item that was made exclusively for Made South members! That will be a lot of fun, but even then, they will be full-sized items. In the future there’s a chance you might receive 3 full-sized items PLUS an extra goodie or two in sample size, but every shipment will always contain 3 full-sized items.

Q: Why only 4 shipments a year?

A: Two reasons. 1) Consumer fatigue. [RANT ALERT] My personal opinion is that we as Americans buy too much junk. I’d rather buy one pricier pair of Imogene + Willie denim and wear them every dad gum day, then own 4 pair of Big Brand Factory-Made Overseas Jeans. I’m a big fan of the “buy better, buy less” philosophy. So I don’t want to scramble around and find 36 things I kind of like to send you each year. I want to find 12 great products made by great people, and those are the stories I want to share with you. And 3 months just feels like a good amount of time for you to spend with these products and develop your own relationship with the makers. And 2) Freedom. Curating a shipment every 3 months allows me to take my time. Pulling off a shipment every single month might get crazy. Plus, I live in the South, and the South just moves slower.

Q: Is your site secure?

A: Great question. The simple answer is YES. The more complex answer is I have hired some really talented people to make sure that all of our customers’ information is secure. I don’t necessarily understand how all that works, but I trust them completely.

That’s it for now y’all. If you have a question you’d like us to answer, just post it in the comments. Thanks!


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