The Perfect Blueberry Lemon Drop Cookie

“Always do the right thing” is a rule for life that my Maw-Maw repeated to me over and over while growing up. “Use your manners” came from Mom. Somewhere along the road I picked up a few more rules, not the least of which is “When someone offers you cookies, say ‘Yes please.'” This particular rule is sort of a melting together of the two previously mentioned rules.


Ms. Nancy Overton of Sweets Ndulgence in Nolensville, Tennessee recently offered me some of her Blueberry Lemon Drop Cookies. Recalling my rule, I received them politely. Boy, oh boy, am I glad I have rules. The first bite of this cookie had me grinning ear to ear. Not too sweet, not too lemony. The right amount of saltiness (Yes! Saltiness!) and the right amount of blueberries. And this icing on top made with fresh-squeezed lemon juice??!!?! Good gracious!¬†As you might imagine, I’ve had several more bites since that first encounter.

Made with only seven ingredients (flour, butter, sugar, salt, lemons, dried blueberries, confectioners sugar), these scratch-made cookies are fresh and delicious and perfect in their simplicity.


I wanted to share Ms. Nancy’s cookies with some others, so I selected a few of our Inaugural MADE SOUTH Members and emailed them to let them know they’d be receiving a little extra surprise in the mail. Realizing that not everyone enjoys the flavors of blueberry and lemon as much as I do, I asked them to choose any one of these flavors: Chocolate Dipped Vanilla, Dark Chocolate Coconut Cream, Dark Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal, Dark Chocolate Cherry, Orange Blossom, Lemon Drop, and of course Blueberry Lemon Drop.


A week later one of these bright red boxes of joy arrived on their doorsteps, and after that the emails started hitting my inbox.

Beyond amazing! – Kristy (Hendersonville, Tennessee)

Just the right amount of sweetness. – Elizabeth (Starkville, Mississippi)

So great that I DID NOT share with my family! – Ashley (Billings, Montana)

Indulgent! So, so good. – Kelly (Brentwood, Missouri)

Could be the perfect cookie. Absolute perfection. – Karen D. (Hendersonville, Tennessee)

Wow!!! – Karen H. (Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina)

Phenomenal. – Amanda (Lakeland, Florida)

Like a breath of spring! – Ron (Portage, Michigan)

So fresh and delicious! – Kayla (Belle Fourche, South Dakota)

If you’d like to try the perfect blueberry lemon drop cookie, or any other of Ms. Nancy’s fantastic flavors, we’ve worked out a special little deal for you for the month of May. Just click this link and you can order a 24-cookie gift box for 10% off the regular price. You can choose up to two different flavors to try in each gift box. Share them with friends and family, or stash them away for yourself like Ashley did. I won’t judge you.

And if you’d like to follow along with Ms. Nancy’s cookie baking adventures, check her out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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