What We Do For A Living

Sometimes we take for granted that everyone knows exactly what we do for a living.

MS007 - Fall 2015

First, we offer a quarterly subscription. Every three months we send our subscribers a surprise package of three different Southern-made goods. At least one of those items will be a non-food item, and all of the items will be things we genuinely love. We know we’re not going to pick things that all of our subscribers like. That would be impossible because God made us all differently! But we put a lot of love and thought into these shipments, that’s for sure. If you want to become a subscriber or maybe just order a one-time shipment, just click here!

MADE SOUTH Market Event

We also produce events. In fact, we just hosted our first ever MADE SOUTH Market event in Franklin, Tennessee last month! Over 2,000 of you came out to shop with over 80 of the finest makers and artisans in all the South, and we’re already working on our next possible event for March 2016!

Nashville Corporate Christmas/Holiday Gift

We create custom gift programs too. Whether it’s a special gift for your event, a custom ongoing gift program for your business, or our “Nashville” corporate gift packages for the upcoming Christmas/Holiday season (Deluxe package shown above), we create custom gifts that are just dripping with Southern hospitality. If you’d like to explore of the idea of having us create some special for you, drop up a line at gifts@madesouth.com.

We might do some other things in the future. At the moment we’re talking about taking on a small number of consulting clients, helping them with their branding, storytelling, etc. Not sure exactly what that looks like yet, but who knows.

What we do know is this: Watever we do, our mission is always to help great small businesses in the South find more customers. And have fun. Lots of fun.

If you’re interested in working with us on any of these things, shoot us an email at holler@madesouth.com. We’d love to hear from you!

Talk soon!


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