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First of all, THANK YOU for even considering joining our little family. We would be honored to have you. First, click here to go to our Subscription page. Then, select the level of your subscription. You can choose from a $49 level (guaranteed 3 items inside each box) or a $99 level (guaranteed 7 items inside each box). Then, select how often you want MADE SOUTH Boxes delivered to you. Choose from monthly or quarterly deliveries. Create your account with your shipping and payment information, then get excited to receive your first box!

Within just a few days you’ll receive a small gift from us welcoming you to our family. You’ll also receive a welcome letter letting you know when you can expect your first MADE SOUTH Box!

MADE SOUTH Box usually contains a variety of food and non-food items, all made by great small businesses right here in the American South. Items we’ve selected in the past include biscuit mix, candles, tea, handmade soaps, popcorn, jellies and jams, leather coasters, caramels, note cards, books, cookies, keychains, t-shirts, cornbread mix, hot sauce, spice blends, coffee, BBQ sauce, chocolates, and more! Our $99 MADE SOUTH Boxes always include at least 7 different items, and our $49 MADE SOUTH Boxes always include at least 3 different items. All MADE SOUTH Boxes contain a handy dandy guide to all of the makers and goods featured inside that box.

Well that’s ok! Maybe take a look at our Gift Boxes and our Maker Collaboration goods!